What is a cool fishing thing?

For 20 years of my life I worked for a fishing magazine. I spent part of my professional life surrounded by texts about fishes, fishing rods, where to go, how to do this, what I should never do on a fishing trip... I think I got to edit as director of Trofeo Pesca more than 4,000 articles and reports on the subject, which gives me some idea... Read more →

The most beautiful video of salmon migration in Alaska

This could be one of the most beautiful videos of salmon migration in Alaska watched in the Internet. The footage was tgaken with with a dron. The author of the video is Jason Ching, who flew over Lake Iliamna following the Alaska Salmon Program team while conducting a study of the sockeye salmon during one of the largest migrations in... Read more →

Fishing a mako shark from a paddle board

Some people likes comfort in fishing and conventions. It is not the case of this American who insists on putting difficulties and challenges. From a board paddle board, with a fly fishing tackle and a little chopy waters, catches a mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus). The size of the shark is not the biggest, but it has some danger, or... Read more →

The most spectacular boat accidents ¡on the road!

They say it very clear on the video: Sinking your boat in rough water is one thing... but losing it while driving is a whole other matter! So, this is the most strange way of having boat accidents. Maybe you don´t imagine the number of boats that have to go to repair or simply are useless and have not even touched the water. In this video... Read more →

Cómo hacer una cucharilla con la chapa de una botella

Esta maravillosa idea para construir rápida y económicamente cucharillas para la pesca la hemos encontrado en la página de los amigos mexicanos de Campesca. El procedimiento es muy sencillo: sólo necesitas una chapa de botella -ellos usan Coronita haciendo patria- un par de plomos pequeños, un anzuelo triple y varias anillas. Un alicate... Read more →

Five stores offering great fishing discounts on Black Friday

Can´t wait to buy a reel or that wader you looked up for months? Yes, here comes the long-awaited Black Friday and with it the best discounts of the year. Here is a selection of shops offering deals for this day and for the rest of the week. Bass Pro Shops. Not only during that day, the biggest outdoor company in US has a very special offer... Read more →

A complete guide for salmon fishing in Spain

Far from his sunny paradise image and topics like the siesta, Spain hoards a geography so varied that includes a green and wet north territory where some of the salmon rivers that time ago were among the best in Europe. Probably his richness already is not so spectacular but the fishing continues being an international claim. Without... Read more →

Manatee scares to death to this angler

This is what happened to Allan, from Reel Tight Fishing, while he was fishing for snook in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) and accidentally ended up right on top of a Manatee. The big 'ol girl got spooked and kicked up causing an explosion of... Read more →

Amazing Shark Fishing ¡on Ladders!

It may sound crazy, but this is a technique that is practiced by many anglers in tropical shallow waters near shoals or mangroves. The goal is simple, get to the middle of the sea with a kayak, or just walking, and plant the ladder awaiting for passing shoals or, like this two anglers, bait with a special groundbait for sharks and throwing... Read more →

These ten surface bass strikes will leave you perplexed

This is one of the most spectacular scenes a bass fisherman can live. Surface strikes to a popper or a frog imitation is so violent that no one is never prepared for that moment that accelerates your heart in an instant. In this video collection of attacks you can see how that special moment happens and the voracity of bass on these... Read more →

Most aggresive strike of a giant trevally you can see

This is one of the most representatives examples of the voracity of the giant trevally. Known as GT,  is the largest of the Caringidae/Jack family, reaching sizes 200 lb. In the video, you can see how GT´s work. The giant trevally uses its superior swimming abilities and power to hunt and smash baitfish. If the GT doesn’t engulf the prey... Read more →

How to replace waders and fishing jacket buckles with this

This is something that happens very often to fishermen and we usually linger on fixing. Our waders, fishing tackle bags or jackets are broken by the buckles and sometimes we think there is no solution for this problem. This is a good remedy from Gear Aid™ that can save money, a buckle called the Snap Bar Repair Buckles. You can easily... Read more →

Best way to remove a hook stunk from your body

You had an accident? May be you are scared, but there is a quickly and safe solution to remove a hook from your finger or any other part of your body. Here are the steps you must follow. > The first you have to do is to tie off a loop of some strong line, it could be a fishing nylon. Then place the loop over the hook´s shank and very... Read more →