Two bull sharks eat a huge tarpon while fighting with a fisherman

Fishing in the Caribbean Sea can be rewarded catching one of the most coveted fishes: tarpon. But it can also give you some scary moments like the one experienced by this angler while fighting one that he almost had in the boat. Moments before taking it, a couple of big bull sharks began to eat the tarpon with brutality.

The bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) is one of the most aggressive and dangerous sharks in the world, considered even more voracious than white shark. In fact, it is listed with it and the tiger shark as the three most likely to attack a human. Inhabits the tropical coasts, where it is very abundant and no doubt to enter in fresh water through rivers.
There are well-documented info about bull shark in the Amazon River, founded thousands of miles from the coast or some of them watched going up rivers, like salmon do, to reach Lake Nicaragua.
Because of this and because they are frequent on murky waters of estuaries and bays, even in rivers, occasionally attack people who does not expect a specie like this is in those places.

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