This man is the «2014 Kayak Angler of the Year» for a 1,247 pound Greenland Shark catch

When the 2014 Kayak Angler’s Choice Awards were announced on November 24, 2014, Joel Abrahamsson came out on top as Angler Of The Year. Joel was recognized for his devotion to sportfishing and his achievement of landing a record-breaking 1,247-pound Greenland Shark from a kayak.
Abrahamsson caught the colossal fish off the coast of Andørja Island, Norway in September, 2014. Joel Abrahamsson, from Sweden, is one of the most successful kayak anglers in northern Europe.

Since becoming an Adventure On The Water Pro-Staffer, Abrahamsson fishes from Ocean Kaya and Old Town kayaks, which are both leading personal watercraft brands from Johnson Outdoors. He also helps Johnson Outdoors market their kayaks in Scandinavia while promoting the sport of kayak angling worldwide.
Upon receiving the Angler Of The Year Award, Joel said “I’m so honored to receive this award. I fish from a kayak and work in the industry because I love it so much. So to be recognized for my achievements is really special to me.”
Joel Abrahamsson

Joel Abrahamsson., regarded as “kayak fishing’s ultimate resource,” conducted the 2014 Angler’s Choice Awards program. There were three rounds of voting with more than 15,000 individual IP addresses participating from 23 countries, making this the most successful kayak fishing awards program to date.
Every vote cast was checked for compliance with the “one person, one vote» program rule. The effort of double-checking each ballot ensured accurate final results that reflected the voters’ opinions.

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