Best way to remove a hook stunk from your body


You had an accident? May be you are scared, but there is a quickly and safe solution to remove a hook from your finger or any other part of your body. Here are the steps you must follow.
> The first you have to do is to tie off a loop of some strong line, it could be a fishing nylon. Then place the loop over the hook´s shank and very softly pull it against the bend of the hook.
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Illustration to remove a hook stunk from your body. By Ted Slampyak

> The second step would be easier if you have some other one to help you. Press down the hook and back on the eye of the hook.
> Once you did it, continue pressing down the hook while, while quickly and with no doubts you jerk the line backyard. The most important thing is the line is in parallel to the shank to avoid new injuries. If you do it this way it won´t hurt you too much, there will be no blood and the hole will be very narrow.
It could sound a little aggressive method –in fact it is- but absolutely effective. Watch this video to see how it’s done.

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