What is a cool fishing thing?

For 20 years of my life I worked for a fishing magazine. I spent part of my professional life surrounded by texts about fishes, fishing rods, where to go, how to do this, what I should never do on a fishing trip… I think I got to edit as director of Trofeo Pesca more than 4,000 articles and reports on the subject, which gives me some idea of ​​what people have read in recent years about the sport of fishing not only in the media, but in the rest as well.
After so much time, from the experience accumulated, and without putting a reproach to my work or the authors who collaborated with me, I came to a conclusion: we published too many evangelizing texts, trying to teach people how to do things or explanations. Excessively rigorous and mechanical, as if all articles should carry the same scheme. I do not know how many times I read how to catch a bass with finesse techniques or the tips to catch a trout with fly fishing.
In all of them, in addition, the fisherman was partly the protagonist of the story, almost as much as what he would speak of. I do not blame anyone for this situation, if not myself for not trying to find other things to publish or teach to do otherwise, but I missed something different in the proposals of articles that came to me. Things that really interested us, different, that would incite the curiosity of the fisherman. They are what I call the «cosas chulas de pesca» in Spanish «cool fishing things», those that at least attract my attention.
Now that my stage as responsible for a magazine is over, is the time to write about what fascinates me about the fishing world. These are not complicated topics, nor are they secret techniques that have remained hidden, only simple things that contribute a grain of sand different from what can be read in Spanish about fishing. It is not easy to classify them, but this would be an example of what I consider cool fishing things:

First of all, that are of interest to those who do not know anything about fishing

Or to the person who has the usual prejudices about us. If you can tell an amateur something about bass or the mechanism by which a salmon returns to its river of birth and that entice it to read it carefully then that is something cool about fishing. Sometimes we forget that we have to tell things in a simple way and that we are not a closed group. Fishing is very interesting even for the non-fisherman.

Let it be didactic, but don’t make it look like a sermon

We have fallen into the routine of telling things from our point of view, with our examples and with us as protagonists of the history of fishing that we report. I advocate Wiki philosophy in fishing, that is, try to describe what things are simple, informative, impersonal and with the rigorous data you need.

Really fun or different videos
salmón cruzando la carretera, pesca, vídeo

The Internet abounds with breathtaking and very beautiful things with the background of fishing and nature. In recent years, a «school» has been created with films and clips with incredible quality and high cost, far from the poor quality that had been previously used in fishing videos. These are the ones that contribute with cool fishing things, as well as those more spontaneous or recorded with scarce means but that attract attention. Or haven’t you seen the video of a salmon crossing the highway between cars with a river flooding?

What’s new or different about fishing gear

It is difficult to find information on products that go out of the way, or know how to recognize why a new model of fishing rod is different from the rest. That kind of content about tackle fits in this website, but also offers or the way to buy it cheaper or more comfortable for the internet user. Internet allows us to read about a product and buy it immediately with a simple click.

Conservation topics told in a simple way

Schematic and that do not need the reader to be a biologist to understand them. I give an example: we have all heard and read a thousand times about the problems of salmon in Spain, but these are not summarized and explained in a paragraph each. This website has a conservationist vocation, and supports catch and release as a principle and value, and on that basis I write part of the contents.

The best is outside
trucha Public Herald, pesca, cosas curiosas

There is nothing like opening up (if your budget allows) and knowing the world from a fisherman’s point of view. Fishing trips have become a growing tourism, with many options and all range of prices. Nothing better than to know what’s outside to learn about it. Sometimes you think that there is no fish capable of fascinating you beyond what you have been fishing for all your life, and this is not true. Fishing culture is to know, to travel to other countries, other rivers, and other species.

Apps, Internet, and everything else

A smartphone can give us more fishing information than an entire encyclopedia, and in a single screen tap. Fishing apps are very cool things that can be used to calculate the weight of a fish by its measures, to locate hot fishing spots or to recognize with the camera of our device the species we´ve just caught. And lots of things to say about the internet, where there are thousands of websites, blogs and magazines that are out of the ordinary. That’s also cool fishing stuff.
I could mention many more, but this is the internet and length is a priority if I want you to read me. But I’m interested in your opinion: for you, what are fishing cool things?

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