How to replace waders and fishing jacket buckles with this

This is something that happens very often to fishermen and we usually linger on fixing. Our waders, fishing tackle bags or jackets are broken by the buckles and sometimes we think there is no solution for this problem.
This is a good remedy from Gear Aid™ that can save money, a buckle called the Snap Bar Repair Buckles. You can easily replace any side-release buckle without cutting or sewing. Simply remove the old buckle and snap a new one in place.
Snap Bar Repair Buckle

Snap Bar Repair Buckle.

It is ideal for replacing dry bag buckles or buckles on sewn webbing loops, and do not require that users remove stitching. In addition, because the buckles snap into place there is no need for sewing either. Easily replace any side release buckle with a snap.
This product is available in ¾’’ and 1’’ sizes, but you can find a Dual Snap Bar Repair Buckle in 1’’ which offers snaps on both sides. Last, they offer a Snap Bar Ladder Lock for replacing tension and ladder locks typically found on backpack straps.


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