Some Tips for Booking a Fishing Trip Abroad

Basically there are three ways to make a fishing trip: you can do it by sealed packages that offer specific agencies or tour operators, fishing directly and contacting guides and lodging at destination, or do anything on our own.
Travel agencies are relatively new and very rare in some countries, not in USA, Iceland or Patagonia, where they are more professional. They usually offer the guaranteed fishing destinations in the world, considering that in many cases fisheries operate in countries with political instability or too remote areas of civilization, making it imperative that everything is tied.
The advantages are convenience and reasonable prices by hiring a package air travel, accommodation, food and guide service with daily transfers to each fishing spot is included. Alcoholic beverages are not included normally.
The most common areas that offer are the Southern Cone countries to fish for trout and salmon, Caribbean for fishing in the sea, Alaska, Senegal, Mongolia and several European countries such as Norway, Ireland and Austria. All these destinations are located in specific areas that have previously been fished by specialist agencies, so they have all guarantees.

Lodges, guides or fishing charters

If there is no way to book a trip to the destination from your country, you have the option of contacting directly with local operators, fishing charters, guides or lodges (accommodation for fishermen). The best way to be documented on these services is  Internet; each company pays special attention to its website ahead of potential customers because it is the best showcase for its facilities, the quality of its rivers or coasts and the amount of fishing through photographs.
The fishing industry magazines are also a good source of information as well as the Tourist Offices of each country, although they will not give us the data immediately but will it after requesting them to their local chapters. With this system the prices are usually more expensive, and processing of airline tickets always run on our own, but gives us the opportunity to negotiate directly with the employer the conditions of our trip and mold to the agenda and the budget which count.
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Choosing the right agency is very important to the sucess of a fishing trip.

The fishing trip on our own

Traveling on our own might seem the cheapest option, but it depends on the areas and fishing features that will be hired. Of course, many fishermen still venture into the rivers of Alaska with only the company of tents and rifle to defend the bears while they are fishing, but the experience of one who has practiced always dictates the company an expert guide and comfort of a room at the end of the day can save many hardships.
In the case of exotic countries or danger zones we do not recommend this option at all, as we go into remote fishing spots where no one cares for us in case of accident or loss. It is a good option for specific travel isnstead to countries with political stability and good prices, since they could combine transfers and accommodation. In any case, the prices and offers of an agency are always preferable for which begins in this kind of tourism, which will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Best agencies: Where to book fishing trips

If we choose international agencies, which are world recognized awith the best fishing destinations in the world we must mention two of them: Orvis and Frontiers. You can also take a look to and see the large list of countries they work with.

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