Best fishing girls websites and Facebook pages

It´s inevitable that if you surf the web looking for interesting fishing contents you’ve stumbled on more than one occasion with pages or Facebook groups dedicated to photos of beautiful women fishing, many models posing nude or scantily clad with fish and natural attitude roughly.
Sometimes it even seems that fishers are real. In fact in many cases they are, but others they are just girls hired to catch a rod, reel and a trick to make calendars or sell fishing photos of this type. Here is a list of some pages you can find on the internet with «fisherwomen».

RF Shootings: nude fishing models

Imagine a professional photographer, with an impeccable record of 20 years in artistic contests and awards, having worked in first level advertising campaigns and as a press photographer. That’s Raphael Faraggi, a guy for years responsible for the web which is dedicated to publish hundreds of pictures of naked or semi-naked models in fishing action.
Most of them have never taken a rod or sustained a fish, but the result is quite creative and evocative. Curious cases of models that have a hard session during photo shoots are also given. You can see it in videos like this.
calendario mujers desnudas pescando, fotos sexy modelos, modelos denudas

RF Shootings cover.

Fishing Bikini Girls

This page with over 400,000 fans on Facebook can not be simpler. Girls posing with fish in swimsuit. If you look at the success of their posts, and the infrequency with which they are hung, you realize the power of these images on the Internet and the number of male followers to generate pictures of sexy women fishing in swimsuit.
mujeres desnudas pescando, modelos pescadoras, pescadoras sexy, pescadora desnuda

Sexy fishing model with fly rod and reel.

Bikini Ice Fishing Team

Not performing a task that calls attention to the media every day, but this group of girls together under the name of Bikini Ice Fishing Team is dedicated to promote with their girls fishing in bikini calendars very peculiar techniques as ice fishing and other outdoor activities such as hunting, camping.
Bikini Ice Fishing Team, mujeres pesnado desnudas y en bikini, modelos pesca, chicas pescando

Bikini Ice Fishing Team.

Fishing Buddy Girls

Lots of perfectly curvy girls from all over the US Dakotas states are dedicated to making an annual calendar that sell online and through various retailers nationwide. What can you find on their website and in their calendar? Very beautiful girls in bikini holding fishing poles, in the water, with hunting weapons, etc, and of course with a famous brand of beer that serves as a sponsor., modelos pescando, mujeres desnudas pesnado y en bikino, chicas pescando

Fishing Buddy Girls calendar model.

Florida Sportsman magazine and calendar 2014

It is one of the most important fishing magazines in the US, and could not fail in one of the fashions Internet. If you look between her photo galleries, you’ll find a special month with the girls posing with the most unique species of Florida. You can buy the fishing girlscalendar through different websites, including Amazon.
Calendario chicas pescando Florida Sportsman.

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