About me

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I am a journalist and specialist in digital media born in Madrid.
Since I was a child, my passion for fishing, travel, and photography knocked on my door. And of those things and my profession, I have been fortunate to live. Most of my career in Spain was linked to Trofeo Pesca and Trofeo Pesca magazines (1994-2013) as managing editor. Now I’m specialized in digital strategy, social media, and e-publications, but above all, I am a journalist and editor at offline and online media.
la fotoIn recent years I have worked in online media such as martinoticias.com, www.suite101.com (the world’s largest web of contributors then, 2010), performing SEO positioning and managing a team of contributors writing for the web, or www.ikreate.es, an online marketing and SEM campaigns agency. As the result of this experience, I taught at the Madrid Press Association (APM) on subjects like Online Copywriting Techniques, Blogging, Videoblogging, Apps and Tools for Mobile Journalism.
I had also had time to collaborate with other media such as Onda Cero, COPE or Caza y Pesca TV channel as fishing expert. I have published dozens of articles and photos on environmental issues in various travel magazines. As an amateur photographer, besides having joined all of my articles with my own photos, I have treasured a large archive of my travels around the world.
Some recent projects have been developing online campaigns for clients at Quantica Communication agency or supervising and editing an encyclopedia for Susaeta Ediciones.
What else do I do besides fishing and writing? My passions outside Journalism are running and traveling (but if there is a trout or bass river nearby it is better).
You can find me on LinkedIn or Facebook or write me an email if you wish. I am excited about proposals, and if we can do something together I´d love it.